The Gods say Spielberg's Tintin is Crapcrap. And HBO's Game of Thrones comes to Blu-ray.
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Only the Gods would discuss the Adam Sandler travesty Jack & Jill and Michael Cimino's classic The Deer Hunter on the same show.
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Harold and Kumar are back (unfortunately) and Criterion dissects the anatomy of a murder.
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Lady & The Tramp comes to Blu-ray and Wade showers Jerry Lewis with DVD love.
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Breaking Dawn - Part 1 looks great, is still boring! And Mark's favorite film of 2011 is on Blu-ray! What could it be?
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The Gods will rock you with some great music Blu-rays! And Godzilla comes to Criterion.
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Is Star Trek: TNG on Blu-ray worth beaming into your living room? The Gods have the answer. Plus, Drive and The Thing.
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The Gods groove on three great Criterion blu-rays and run down the latest in children's DVDs.
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Contagion is sickeningly good on Blu-ray and Wade strolls the Boardwalk Empire.
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Tom Petty breaks our hearts on Blu-ray...but in a good way!
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Wade and Mark pick their Top Ten Blu-rays of 2011!
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Mark hates The Expendables. Wade loves Midnight in Paris. Neither understands the appeal of the Underworld trilogy.
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Get your stinking paws on the Rise of the Planet of the Apes Blu-ray! And Cowboys & Aliens just stinks.
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Christmas boxed sets! Holiday book suggestions! And one of the country's most popular critics recommends some great Blu-ray stocking stuffers!
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Turn on and tune in as TV takes over this week's show: discussions of 30 Rock, Doctor Who, Mission Impossible and Bones.
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The Gods are angry at the new West Side Story Blu-ray. And Super 8 proves to be a super Blu-ray.
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The Gods praise The People vs. George Lucas and laugh derisively at Larry Crowne.
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Why are there so many 3D Blu-rays releasing this week when there are no 3D TV's to play them on? Even the Gods are stumped.
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The Toy Story trilogy goes 3D (for some reason) and the Gods sing the praises of some great music Blu-rays.
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Blu-rays of Captain America and The Conversation, plus our scary selection of Halloween DVDs!
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From the sublime to the disgusting, Willy Wonka goes Blu in an amazing boxed set while Salo in high-def will disgust you anew.
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The Gods bow down to The Tree of Life on Blu-ray. Also, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King go 3D...for some reason.
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Transformers 3 blows, but how's the Blu-ray? Also, the Gods weigh in on Pulp Fiction and Fast Five.
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Our newest giveaway will have you laughing! Plus, Ben-Hur and Dumbo come to Blu-ray.
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Citizen Kane comes to Blu-ray. So why are the Gods angry? Also, Bridesmaids and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
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