The Gods dissect Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls and two foreign classics. Plus, The Raid: Redemption rocks!


Digigods Podcast, 09/04/12 (MP3) -- 31 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss:

  • 2 Broke Girls: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)
  • Baseball’s Greatest Games: San Francisco Giants’ First Perfect Game (DVD)
  • Blindness (02241) (Blu-ray)
  • Bored to Death - The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray)
  • Criminal Minds - The Seventh Season (DVD)
  • Danny Phantom: Season Two, Part 2 (DVD)
  • The Five Year Engagement (Blu-ray/DVD)
  • Fringe: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray)
  • The Garfield Show - Holiday Extravaganza (DVD)
  • Glee: The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray)
  • The Good Wife - The Third Season (DVD)
  • Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Eighth Season (DVD)
  • Haven - The Complete Second Season (DVD)
  • Heathcliff and Dingbat (DVD-R)
  • Homeland Season 1 (Blu-ray)
  • How to Make it in America - The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray)
  • Hung - The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray)
  • Korczak (Blu-ray)
  • Korczak (DVD)
  • La Grande Illusion (Blu-ray)
  • La Promesse (Blu-ray)
  • Les Vampires (Louis Feuillade) (Blu-ray)
  • Les Vampires (Louis Feuillade) (DVD)
  • The Magic Schoolbus - The Complete Series (DVD)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles The Third Season (DVD)
  • NCIS: The Ninth Season (DVD)
  • The Office: Season Eight (Blu-ray)
  • Parks and Recreation: Season Four (DVD)
  • Perry Mason - The Seventh Season Volume One (DVD)
  • Piranha 3DD (Blu-ray 3D/DVD)
  • Private Practice: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD)
  • The Raid: Redemption (DVD)
  • Revenge: The Complete First Season (DVD)
  • Rosetta (Blu-ray)
  • Safe (Blu-ray)
  • A Separation (Blu-ray)
  • Sons of Anarchy Season 4 (Blu-ray)
  • The Streets Of San Francisco - Season Four: Volume One & Volume Two (DVD)
  • Tomboy (DVD)
  • Two and a Half Men: The Complete Ninth Season (DVD)
  • Umberto D. (Blu-ray)


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The Gods announce the winner of their limerick contest, praise Quadrophenia and cry tears of sadness over Battleship.


Digigods Podcast, 08/28/12 (MP3) -- 29.7 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Battleship (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray) 
Carry On Double Feature Vol. 7: Carry On Abroad, Carry On Dick (DVD) 
Carry On Double Feature Vol. 8: Carry On England, Carry On Behind (DVD) 
Changing the Game (DVD) 
Citizen Gangster (DVD) 
The Complete History of the New York Giants (DVD) 
The Cool Ones (DVD-R) 
Damon and Pythias (DVD-R) 
Darling Companion (Blu-ray) 
Eagle's Wing (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Eclipse Series 35: Maidstone and Other Films by Norman Mailer (Maidstone, Wild 90, Beyond the Law) (DVD) 
Fanny by Gaslight (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
First a Girl (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Freelancers (Blu-ray) 
Halloween 4 (Blu-ray) 
Halloween 5 (DVD) 
Heidi's Song (DVD) 
Hercules, Samson and Ulysses (DVD) 
Highly Dangerous (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
House Season 8 (Blu-ray) 
Jay & Silent Bob Get Old: UK 2012 (DVD) 
Jersey Shore: Season 5 (DVD) 
The Lieutenant - The Complete Series Part I (DVD-R) 
The Lieutenant - The Complete Series Part II (DVD-R) 
The Liquidator (DVD-R) 
Lisztomania (DVD-R) 
Lonesome (Blu-ray) 
The Long Memory (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Love Story (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Morning Departure (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
The Moth Diaries (Blu-ray) 
The Naked Truth (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Never Let Go (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray) 
One in the Chamber (Blu-ray/DVD) 
The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Blu-ray 3D/DVD) 
Quadrophenia (Blu-ray) 
School of Rock (Blu-ray) 
The Seekers (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Staind: Live from Mohagan Sun (Blu-ray) 
Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings (DVD) 
Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings (Blu-ray) 
Think Like a Man (Blu-ray) 
The Viral Factor (Blu-ray) 
The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season - Limited Edition Blu-ray (Blu-ray) 
The Way Ahead (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Young Cassidy (DVD-R)


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Giveaway time! A party pack for The Dictator Blu-ray is up for grabs! It includes the Blu-ray, a t-shirt and other goodies! Plus, the Gods are split on The Hunger Games.


Digigods Podcast, 08/21/12 (MP3) -- 31.6 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

The Adventures of Tintin - Season Three (DVD) 
The Amazing World of Gumball (DVD) 
Angelina Ballerina - Dreams Do Come True (DVD) 
Angry Beavers Season 3 Part Two (DVD) 
The Aristocats (Blu-ray) 
Astonishing X-Men: Torn (DVD) 
Bernie (Blu-ray) 
The Bunny Game (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Bye Bye Birdie (Blu-ray) 
Captain Carey (Blu-ray) 
Chimpanzee (Blu-ray/DVD) 
The Dictator (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Doc McStuffins: Friendship is the Best Medicine (DVD) 
Fireman Sam: Heroic Rescue Adventures (DVD) 
Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song (DVD) 
Good Will Hunting: 15th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray) 
Hell (DVD) 
Hide Away (DVD) 
High Time (Blu-ray) 
The Hunger Games (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure (Blu-ray) 
Let Go (DVD) 
Let It Shine (DVD) 
Life Happens (Blu-ray) 
The Looney Tunes Show: There Goes The Neighborhood (DVD) 
Mia and the Migoo (DVD) 
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season One, Volume One (DVD) 
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Royal Pony Wedding (DVD) 
My Son John (Blu-ray) 
Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror (Blu-ray/DVD) 
One Piece: Collection No. 7 (DVD) 
One Piece: Season Four, Voyage One (DVD) 
Pocahontas / Pocahontas II (Blu-ray) 
Power Rangers Super Samurai: Super Showdown (Vol. 2) (DVD) 
Power Rangers Super Samurai: The Super Powered Black Box (Vol. 1) (DVD) 
Private Hell 36 (Blu-ray) 
The Rescuers 35th Anniversary Edition / The Rescuers Down Under (Blu-ray) 
Scalene (Blu-ray) 
The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (DVD) 
Squidbillies Volume 5 (DVD) 
Stephen King's Thinner (Blu-ray) 
The Super Hero Squad Show: The Infinity Gauntlet! Season 2, Volume 4 (DVD) 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 10: The Complete Final Season (DVD) 
The Tigger Movie (Blu-ray) 
VeggieTales: The Penniless Princess - God's Little Girl (DVD) 
Weekend (Blu-ray) 
Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie (DVD) 
Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets (DVD)


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The Gods go bonkers for three must-buy Blu-rays: Jaws, The Royal Tenenbaums and Full Metal Jacket.


Digigods Podcast, 08/14/12 (MP3) -- 28.8 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

Assassin's Bullet (Blu-ray) 
At Home With the Georgians (DVD) 
Black Butterflies (DVD) 
Body and Soul (Blu-ray) 
Childrens Hospital - The Complete Third Season (DVD) 
Code of Silence (Blu-ray) 
Community - The Complete Third Season (DVD) 
Death Wish II (Blu-ray) 
Death Wish III (Blu-ray) 
Death Wish IV (Blu-ray) 
Dexter - The Complete Sixth Season (Blu-ray) 
Force of Evil (Blu-ray) 
The Forsyte Saga Collection (DVD) 
Full Metal Jacket Blu-ray Book (Blu-ray) 
G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2 Season 2 (DVD) 
Garrow's Law Series 3 (DVD) 
Ghost Hunters: Season 7: Part 1 (DVD) 
Girls Gone Dead (DVD) 
Grimm Season One (Blu-ray) 
Gunsmoke: The Sixth Season, Volume 1 (DVD) 
Jaws (Universal 100th Anniversary) (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Jock the Hero Dog (DVD) 
The Jodi Picoult Collection (DVD) 
Johnny Guitar (Blu-ray) 
Juan of the Dead (DVD) 
Kill List (Blu-ray) 
Lone Wolf McQuade (Blu-ray) 
Melrose Place: The Final Season - Volumes 1 & 2 (DVD) 
Parenthood - Season 3 (DVD) 
Rio Grande (Blu-ray) 
The Rookies - The Complete Second Season (DVD) 
The Royal Tenenbaums (Blu-ray) 
The Sinking of the Laconia (DVD) 
Spaceballs 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray (Blu-ray) 
Stallone 3-Film Collector's Set (Cop Land, Rambo: First Blood, Lock Up) (Blu-ray) 
Strike Back: Cinemax Season 1 (Blu-ray) 
Surviving High School (DVD) 
Vega$: The Third Season, Volume 2 (DVD)

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Listener mail, Vox Box and the Wachowski brothers. Who could ask for more?


Digigods Podcast, 08/07/12 (MP3) -- 28.8 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

13 Assassins (DVD) 
Blue Like Jazz (Blu-ray) 
The Boogens (Blu-ray) 
Bound (Blu-ray) 
Clue (Blu-ray) 
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Eclipse Series 34: Jean Gremillon During the Occupation (Remorques, Lumi?re d'ete, Le ciel est ? vous) (DVD) 
Federal Men (DVD) 
Fela Kuti: Double Feature, Documentary & Concert (DVD) 
Firstborn (Blu-ray) 
Footnote (Blu-ray) 
Gruppo di Famiglia in un Interno (Conversation Piece) (DVD) 
Gruppo di Famiglia in un Interno (Conversation Piece) (Blu-ray) 
The Hedgehog (DVD) 
Ici et Ailleurs (DVD) 
Le Havre (Blu-ray) 
Life Without Principle (DVD) 
Making Plans for Lena (DVD) 
Marley (Blu-ray) 
Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981 (DVD) 
My Way (Korea) (Blu-ray) 
Numero Deux (DVD) 
Ozzy Osbourne: Speak of the Devil (DVD) 
Sebastiane (Jarman) (Blu-ray) 
Secret World Live - Peter Gabriel (Blu-ray) 
Slipknot: {sic}nesses: Live At Download (Blu-ray) 
The Tempest (Jarman) (DVD) 
The Turin Horse (Blu-ray) 
The Whisperer in Darkness (Blu-ray)

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The original Total Recall gets a Blu-ray upgrade and the Gods regress to childhood with some kid-centric DVDs.


Digigods Podcast, 07/31/12 (MP3) -- 28.3 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss: (Blu-ray) 
Adventure Time - The Complete First Season (DVD) 
Age of the Dragons (Blu-ray) 
Age of the Dragons (DVD) 
Angelina Ballerina: Musical Moves (DVD) 
ATM (Blu-ray) 
Awesome Adventures: Races, Chases & FUn (DVD) 
Babar - The Classic Series: The Complete First Season (DVD) 
Barney: All About Opposites (DVD) 
Bill Moyers on Addiction (DVD) 
Blade Anime (DVD) 
Bubble Guppies (DVD) 
Dan Vs. - The Complete First Season (DVD) 
Dora the Explorer: Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure (DVD) 
Dora the Explorer: Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom (DVD) 
Earth from Above: Food and Wildlife Conservation (Blu-ray) 
Forever Marilyn (The Misfits, Some Like it Hot, How to Marry a Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Seven Year Itch, River of No Return, There's No Business Like Show Business) (Blu-ray) 
The French Chef: Julia Child's French Classics (DVD) 
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Complete Collection Two (DVD) 
Hey Arnold! Season Two, Part Two (DVD) 
Hijacked (Blu-ray/DVD) 
iCarly: The Complete 4th Season (DVD) 
Iron Man: Armored Adventures' Season 2, Volume 1 (DVD) 
James May's 20th Century (DVD) 
JEM and The Holograms: Season Three (DVD) 
Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Blu-ray) 
LOL (Blu-ray) 
MLK: The Assassination Tapes (DVD) 
Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIV (DVD) 
Nature: Cracking the Koala Code (Blu-ray) 
Nature: The White Lions (Blu-ray) 
Nature: The White Lions (DVD) 
Never Stand Still - Dancing at Jacob's Pillow (DVD) 
Nova: Why Ships Sink (DVD) 
Patagonia Rising (DVD) 
Power Rangers Samurai: A New Enemy (Vol. 2) (DVD) 
Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites (Vol. 1) (DVD) 
Queen & Country (DVD) 
Rocko's Modern Life - Season Three (DVD) 
The Sacred Blacksmith, The Complete Series (DVD) 
Sesame Street: Elmo's Magic Numbers (DVD) 
Shark Divers Documentary Collection (Blu-ray) 
Strike Witches (Blu-ray/DVD) 
TCM Greatest Classic Films: Legends: Kirk Douglas Drama (Young Man With a Horn, The Bad and the Beautiful, Lust for Life, Before I Forget) (DVD) 
Thomas & Friends: Schoolhouse Delivery (DVD) 
Timmy Time: Happy Birthday Timmy (DVD) 
Total Recall: Mind-Bending Edition (Blu-ray) 
Transformers Prime - One Shall Stand (DVD) 
Treasure Island (Blu-ray) 
Wolverine Anime (DVD)


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Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 comes to Blu-ray (yeah, but Wesley's in it...). And the king of late night gets the definitive documentary treatment.


Digigods Podcast, 07/24/12 (MP3) -- 28.5 MB
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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

Alphas: Season One (DVD)  
American Masters Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (Blu-ray) 
American Masters Johnny Carson: King of Late Night (DVD) 
American Pickers: Volume 3 (DVD)  
The Big Bang Theory - The Complete First Season (Blu-ray/DVD) 
The Big Bang Theory - The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Bonanza - The Official Third Season - Voumes 1 and 2 (DVD) 
Boss: Season One (Blu-ray)  
Brake (Blu-ray)  
Casting the Runes (DVD)  
Designing Women: The Final Season (DVD)  
Diff'rent Strokes: Season Three (DVD)  
Eureka Season 5 (DVD)  
Falling Skies The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)  
Father Dowling Mysteries: The Second Season (DVD)  
George Gently: Series 4 (DVD)  
The Glades Season 2 (DVD)  
Harry O: The Complete First Season (DVD)  
The Inbetweeners (DVD)  
Institute Benjamenta (Restored) (DVD)  
IRT - Deadliest Roads - Season Two - The Andes (DVD)  
The Last Days of Disco (Blu-ray)  
The Last of England (Blu-ray)  
The Last of England (DVD)  
Leverage - The 4th Season (DVD)  
Metropolitan (DVD)  
Midsomer Murders: Set 20 (DVD)  
On the Inside (Blu-ray/DVD)  
Project A (02571) (DVD)  
Sanctuary - The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray)  
The Sarah Silverman Program: The Complete Series (DVD)  
Sharpe's Battle & Sword (Blu-ray)  
Sharpe's Honour & Gold (Blu-ray)  
Silent House (Blu-ray/DVD)  
Star Trek - The Next Generation The First Season Blu-ray (Blu-ray)  
Storage Wars - Volume Three (DVD)  
They Made Me a Fugitive (Blu-ray)  
Touched by an Angel: The Fifth Season (DVD)  
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns: Season 6 (DVD)  
The Untouchables: The Fourth Season Volumes 1 & 2 (DVD) 
Warehouse 13: Season Three (DVD)

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The Digigods go DigiCrazy for the 60th Anniversary Blu-ray of Singin' in the Rain.
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Chariots of Fire gets the high-def treatment it deserves and the most expensive Chinese film ever made comes to Blu-ray. Hint: it stars Christian Bale.
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Barbarella comes to Blu-ray..finally! Plus, four great Criterions and our worst giveaway ever!
Direct download: 201220-2007_0320IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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The Gods jump for joy at 21 Jump Street and interview the great Bernie Kopell!
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Music reigns this week with Jack White and John Mellencamp rocking out on Blu-ray. And Wade sings the praises of yet another giveaway!
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Bust open your piggy bank for three must-buy Criterions. And...we've got a Louis CK Blu-ray to give away!
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Is John Carter as bad on Blu-ray as it was in theaters? And Best Picture Oscar winner The Sting gets the deluxe Blu-ray treatment.
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The hockey comedy Goon is actually good! Who'd a thunk it? And let's please not talk about Kevin.
Direct download: 201220-2005_2920IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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George Lucas's Red Tails never takes flight while the Lethal Weapon series on Blu-ray will restore your faith in Mel Gibson...almost.
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Wade and Mark say The Grey is mediocre on Blu-ray, Chronicle is good on Blu-ray and Being John Malkovich is great on Blu-ray!
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Joyful Noise is anything but joyful! And Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie proves worthless.
Direct download: 201220-2005_0820IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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Lots of animated Avenger action comes to Blu-ray and Madonna proves once again she's not a good director.
Direct download: 201220-2005_0120IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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Alliteration rules this week: Camelot, Contraband and Christian Bale! "C" what we mean?
Direct download: 201220-2004_2420IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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The Gods go gaga for Mission Impossible and are shameless in their love of Steve McQueen's Shame.
Direct download: 201220-2004_1720IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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Get your Oscar on with award winners "The Iron Lady" and "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Blu-ray.
Direct download: 201220-2004_1020IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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Chinatown comes to Blu-ray...finally! And the Gods take A Trip to the Moon.
Direct download: 201220-2004_0320IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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Casablanca gets the Blu-ray double-dip treatment and the Gods take a trip to The War Room.
Direct download: 201220-2003_2720IGN20DigiGods.mp3
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The Gods lavish praise upon The Muppets and disagree on The Descendants. Plus, Mark gets food poisoning and Wade doesn't care.
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