The Gods jump for joy at 21 Jump Street and interview the great Bernie Kopell!
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Music reigns this week with Jack White and John Mellencamp rocking out on Blu-ray. And Wade sings the praises of yet another giveaway!
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Bust open your piggy bank for three must-buy Criterions. And...we've got a Louis CK Blu-ray to give away!
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Is John Carter as bad on Blu-ray as it was in theaters? And Best Picture Oscar winner The Sting gets the deluxe Blu-ray treatment.
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The hockey comedy Goon is actually good! Who'd a thunk it? And let's please not talk about Kevin.
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George Lucas's Red Tails never takes flight while the Lethal Weapon series on Blu-ray will restore your faith in Mel Gibson...almost.
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Wade and Mark say The Grey is mediocre on Blu-ray, Chronicle is good on Blu-ray and Being John Malkovich is great on Blu-ray!
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Joyful Noise is anything but joyful! And Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie proves worthless.
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Lots of animated Avenger action comes to Blu-ray and Madonna proves once again she's not a good director.
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Alliteration rules this week: Camelot, Contraband and Christian Bale! "C" what we mean?
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The Gods go gaga for Mission Impossible and are shameless in their love of Steve McQueen's Shame.
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Get your Oscar on with award winners "The Iron Lady" and "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Blu-ray.
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Chinatown comes to Blu-ray...finally! And the Gods take A Trip to the Moon.
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Casablanca gets the Blu-ray double-dip treatment and the Gods take a trip to The War Room.
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The Gods lavish praise upon The Muppets and disagree on The Descendants. Plus, Mark gets food poisoning and Wade doesn't care.
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The Gods say Spielberg's Tintin is Crapcrap. And HBO's Game of Thrones comes to Blu-ray.
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Only the Gods would discuss the Adam Sandler travesty Jack & Jill and Michael Cimino's classic The Deer Hunter on the same show.
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Harold and Kumar are back (unfortunately) and Criterion dissects the anatomy of a murder.
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Lady & The Tramp comes to Blu-ray and Wade showers Jerry Lewis with DVD love.
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Breaking Dawn - Part 1 looks great, is still boring! And Mark's favorite film of 2011 is on Blu-ray! What could it be?
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The Gods will rock you with some great music Blu-rays! And Godzilla comes to Criterion.
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Is Star Trek: TNG on Blu-ray worth beaming into your living room? The Gods have the answer. Plus, Drive and The Thing.
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The Gods groove on three great Criterion blu-rays and run down the latest in children's DVDs.
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Contagion is sickeningly good on Blu-ray and Wade strolls the Boardwalk Empire.
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Tom Petty breaks our hearts on Blu-ray...but in a good way!
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