This week, lots of Doctor Who stuff Mark doesn't understand. Plus, music Blu-rays featuring CeeLo Green and Bruce Springsteen.

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In this episode, the Gods discuss:

The Assassin's Blade (Blu-ray)
The Assassination Bureau (DVD-R)
Back to 1942 (Blu-ray)
Beauty of the Devil (Blu-ray)
The Best of Dance Moms: The Championship Dances (DVD)
The Best Years of Our Lives (Blu-ray)
Billy Rose's Jumbo (Blu-ray)
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (Blu-ray)
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (DVD)
The Bishop's Wife (Blu-ray)
CeeLo Green is Loberace - Live In Vegas (Blu-ray)
Cook's Country, Season 6 (DVD)
Dexter: The Complete Final Season (Blu-ray)
Doctor Who: Green Death, The: Special Edition (DVD)
Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space: Special Edition (Episode 51) (Blu-ray)
Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons (DVD)
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited: 5-8 (DVD)
Dragon (Donnie Yen) (Blu-ray)
East End of Babylon (DVD)
The Fall Series 1 (DVD)
Flying Fists of Kung Fu - 12 Movie Set (DVD)
The Four (Blu-ray)
The Great Magician (Blu-ray)
The Guillotines (Blu-ray)
In the Flesh: Season 1 (DVD)
Intolerance (Blu-ray)
Ip Man: The Final Fight (Blu-ray)
John Carpenter Presents Body Bags (Blu-ray/DVD)
Kickin' It Shaolin Style - 12 Movie Set (DVD)
Kung Fu - The Movie (DVD-R)
Lady Antebellum: On This Winter's Night (Blu-ray)
Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 2000 (DVD)
Last Tango in Halifax: Season One (DVD)
The Last Tycoon (Blu-ray)
Line of Duty Series 1 (DVD)
Lion of the Desert (Blu-ray)
Lion Of The Desert (25th Anniversary)
MADtv: Season Four (DVD)
Move Me Brightly (Blu-ray)
My Name is Nobody: 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray (Blu-ray)
Nine for IX DVD Gift Set (DVD)
Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection (DVD)
Seven Swords (Blu-ray)
Shoot the Sun Down (Blu-ray)
Shoot the Sun Down (DVD)
Silk: Series One (DVD)
Springsteen & I (Blu-ray)
Stan Lee's Superhumans - Season Two (DVD)

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