Snow White and the Huntsman is ready for your dismissal and the Gods enjoy four new Universal 100th Anniversary Blu-rays.


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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

8:46 (DVD) 
9/11: Day That Changed the World (DVD) 
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (Universal 100th Anniversary) (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Adventures of the Wilderness Family (DVD) 
Airport (Universal 100th Anniversary) (Blu-ray/DVD) 
American Experience: The Presidents (DVD) 
Barack Obama - From His Childhood to the Presidency (DVD) 
Battle Circus (DVD-R) 
Becoming Jane/Jane Eyre (04191) (Blu-ray) 
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD) 
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fifth Season (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Born to be Bad (DVD-R) 
Child's Play (Blu-ray) 
The Dark Mirror (Blu-ray) 
The First Ladies (DVD) 
The Grapes of Wrath (Blu-ray) 
The Hanging Tree (DVD-R) 
Harvey (Universal 100th Anniversary) (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe (DVD) 
Lewis Black: In God We Rust (Blu-ray) 
Lula, Son of Brazil (DVD) 
Mad Monster Party (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Man on a Swing (Blu-ray) 
A New Leaf (Blu-ray) 
The Pinochet Case (DVD) 
The Prophecy / The Prophecy II (03991) (Blu-ray) 
Pursued (Blu-ray) 
Secret Beyond the Blue Door (Blu-ray) 
Sixteen Candles (Universal 100th Anniversary) (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Snow White and the Huntsman Extended Edition (Blu-ray/DVD) 
The Sound and the Fury (Blu-ray) 
Steel Magnolias (DVD) 
Terra Nova - the Complete Series (DVD) 
Up All Night - Season One (DVD) 
The Vampire Diaries - The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Wes Craven Presents: Dracula Double Feature (04101) (Blu-ray) 
Wes Craven Presents: They & Cursed (03131) (Blu-ray) 
Zorba the Greek (Blu-ray)

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