The Gods announce the winner of their limerick contest, praise Quadrophenia and cry tears of sadness over Battleship.


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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Battleship (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray) 
Carry On Double Feature Vol. 7: Carry On Abroad, Carry On Dick (DVD) 
Carry On Double Feature Vol. 8: Carry On England, Carry On Behind (DVD) 
Changing the Game (DVD) 
Citizen Gangster (DVD) 
The Complete History of the New York Giants (DVD) 
The Cool Ones (DVD-R) 
Damon and Pythias (DVD-R) 
Darling Companion (Blu-ray) 
Eagle's Wing (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Eclipse Series 35: Maidstone and Other Films by Norman Mailer (Maidstone, Wild 90, Beyond the Law) (DVD) 
Fanny by Gaslight (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
First a Girl (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Freelancers (Blu-ray) 
Halloween 4 (Blu-ray) 
Halloween 5 (DVD) 
Heidi's Song (DVD) 
Hercules, Samson and Ulysses (DVD) 
Highly Dangerous (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
House Season 8 (Blu-ray) 
Jay & Silent Bob Get Old: UK 2012 (DVD) 
Jersey Shore: Season 5 (DVD) 
The Lieutenant - The Complete Series Part I (DVD-R) 
The Lieutenant - The Complete Series Part II (DVD-R) 
The Liquidator (DVD-R) 
Lisztomania (DVD-R) 
Lonesome (Blu-ray) 
The Long Memory (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Love Story (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Morning Departure (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
The Moth Diaries (Blu-ray) 
The Naked Truth (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Never Let Go (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Once Upon a Time: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray) 
One in the Chamber (Blu-ray/DVD) 
The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Blu-ray 3D/DVD) 
Quadrophenia (Blu-ray) 
School of Rock (Blu-ray) 
The Seekers (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Staind: Live from Mohagan Sun (Blu-ray) 
Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings (DVD) 
Stanley Cup Champions 2012: Los Angeles Kings (Blu-ray) 
Think Like a Man (Blu-ray) 
The Viral Factor (Blu-ray) 
The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season - Limited Edition Blu-ray (Blu-ray) 
The Way Ahead (The Rank Collection) (DVD) 
Young Cassidy (DVD-R)


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