Listener mail, Vox Box and the Wachowski brothers. Who could ask for more?


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In this episode, the Gods discuss: 

13 Assassins (DVD) 
Blue Like Jazz (Blu-ray) 
The Boogens (Blu-ray) 
Bound (Blu-ray) 
Clue (Blu-ray) 
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Eclipse Series 34: Jean Gremillon During the Occupation (Remorques, Lumi?re d'ete, Le ciel est ? vous) (DVD) 
Federal Men (DVD) 
Fela Kuti: Double Feature, Documentary & Concert (DVD) 
Firstborn (Blu-ray) 
Footnote (Blu-ray) 
Gruppo di Famiglia in un Interno (Conversation Piece) (DVD) 
Gruppo di Famiglia in un Interno (Conversation Piece) (Blu-ray) 
The Hedgehog (DVD) 
Ici et Ailleurs (DVD) 
Le Havre (Blu-ray) 
Life Without Principle (DVD) 
Making Plans for Lena (DVD) 
Marley (Blu-ray) 
Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981 (DVD) 
My Way (Korea) (Blu-ray) 
Numero Deux (DVD) 
Ozzy Osbourne: Speak of the Devil (DVD) 
Sebastiane (Jarman) (Blu-ray) 
Secret World Live - Peter Gabriel (Blu-ray) 
Slipknot: {sic}nesses: Live At Download (Blu-ray) 
The Tempest (Jarman) (DVD) 
The Turin Horse (Blu-ray) 
The Whisperer in Darkness (Blu-ray)

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