Oscar recap...and Moana...and Oscar recap...and Jackie. Did we mention Oscar recap?

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In this episode, the Gods discuss:

  • 100 Streets (Blu-ray)
  • The Ardennes (DVD)
  • Beauty and the Beast (La belle et la bête) (Blu-ray)
  • Bleed for This (Blu-ray/DVD)
  • Bloodrunners (Blu-ray/DVD)
  • Creepy (DVD)
  • Departure (DVD)
  • Diary of a Chambermaid (Blu-ray)
  • The Eyes of My Mother (Blu-ray)
  • Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (DVD)
  • In Order of Disappearance (Blu-ray)
  • Incarnate (Blu-ray/DVD)
  • Jackie (Blu-ray)
  • Man Down (Blu-ray)
  • Moana Ultimate Collector's Edition (Blu-ray 3D/DVD)
  • New Life (DVD)
  • Officer Downe (Blu-ray)
  • Police (Blu-ray)
  • Priceless (Blu-ray)
  • Resistance (DVD)
  • Rules Don't Apply (Blu-ray)
  • Shared Rooms (DVD)
  • Shut In (Blu-ray)
  • Spa Night (DVD)
  • Tharlo (DVD)
  • Three Classic Films From Claude Chabrol (Betty, Torment (L'Enfer), The Swindle) (Blu-ray)
  • The Tree of Wooden Clogs (Blu-ray)
  • Trespass Against Us (Blu-ray)
  • We Are the Flesh (Blu-ray)
  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Blu-ray)

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